Sentinal business awards 17

River Canal Rescue was named Small Business

Flip Out Stoke was also shortlisted in the small business of the Year category alongside family-run debt collection firm Dukes Bailiffs.

But it was River Canal Rescue who went on to be named the eventual winner.

The breakdown and emergency services company, based in Stafford, boasts a workforce of more than 30 and covers a network of around 3,600 miles to provide emergency assistance, rescue and recovery services for up to 150 call-outs a week.

It is the UK’s largest national breakdown service provider for boaters using the inland waterway system.

Managing director Stephanie Horton said: “It feels wonderful. It’s a very good achievement because we’ve been doing this for a very long time. We’ve invested a huge amount in people and a huge amount in our technology and it’s really nice to be recognised for that.

“Two years ago our offices burned down and lost everything. A fireworks fire completely destroyed us so it’s a testament to our guys. We’re not like normal businesses. For us, profit isn’t primary, it’s about service.”