Personal Engine Maintenance


Personal Engine Maintenance Course

RCR offer personal engine maintenance courses – providing an engineer who is also a qualified trainer to provide you with advice and training on your own engine. The course costs £170 +parts

To get the most from this you will need to attend our two day Engine Maintenance course first to gain familiarisation and background information on engines and systems.

We can arrange this at a discounted price of £250 for booking on both the Maintenance Course & Personal Engine Course together during the booking process.


We will organise for one of our engineers to visit your boat and help/instruct you in undertaking a basic service, and gain engine familiarity on your engine. Typically this will involve:

Other tasks can be added if required as long as they fall within the 4 hour limit.

The engineer will bring along a basic toolkit and any specialist tools and instruments, you can provide the service parts, or RCR will provide at an additional cost you will be expected to dispose of the old oils and filters.

The cost of this will be £170 (plus the cost parts if required)

Contact us to provide a quotation for a personal engine maintenance course.