RCR WaterNav trial to launch at Crick Boat Show

River Canal Rescue is launching a new beta-version of its waterways app, WaterNav, at Crick (26 – 28 May), giving boat owners the opportunity to trial the modified software for free until the end of August.
Changes include; reducing the data consumption of the app’s regional maps so users can download all eight UK areas without compromising their phone’s memory space, introducing route planning tools, adding an SOS function and the ability to update and feedback dynamically on Points Of Interest (POI).
Having reduced the maps’ data use, RCR is giving boaters open access to all regions with simultaneous viewing and seamless cruising between them. Users were previously restricted to an average of two maps before using all their phones’ storage and had to close down one before opening another. Those who’ve already downloaded regions will automatically have access to the additional regions.
RCR believes it is the only company to develop a countrywide route planning app, currently available via its WaterNav PC software, giving boaters the facility to plan trips, keep logs and access local POI in the area, even off-line when needed. Equally, it’s a waterways first to develop an integrated SOS Waterways emergency request app.
Managing director, Stephanie Horton, comments: “When we took over Eureaweb’s inland navigation products and rebranded them WaterNav in August 2016, we wanted to enhance their functionality. These latest developments, while a huge leap forward, are only the start of what we plan to achieve – by the end of the year we hope to launch the Apple version and we’re already working on an online portal which gives users access to other new and exciting developments.”
Alongside gaining feedback on the app enhancements and their ease of use, RCR is keen to test the accuracy of what it describes ‘as the largest waterway-focused database in the UK’.
Stephanie continues: “We’re encouraging users to provide POI updates, tell us for example, if a featured pub has closed down or a link section of waterway is not covered. The app’s designed so boaters can easily share their views and from here we’ll make any changes, initially issuing frequent updates before re-launching at the end of the year.”
The beta version is compatible with android phones only and can be downloaded via Google Play from Saturday 26 May. The new app when launched, will also be compatible with iPhones and available from the App Store.