Boat Handling Courses


River Canal Rescue offer a range of RYA recognised courses through a number of partners.

All of our courses provide practical and theoretical training.

Why have training on boat handling?


Whether new to boating or experienced over a period of years, everyone has a duty to ensure the safety of their crew and craft.

The Royal Yachting Association (RYA) Inland Waterways Helmsman Certificate (IWHC) will give that confidence and make any holiday whether on your own or a hired boat much more pleasurable.

The certificate is also the first step for the experienced boater to achieve the International Certificate of Competence (ICC), an essential requirement for people wishing to boat on European waterways.

The IWHC assumes that students have no previous experience and was developed jointly by the RYA and British Waterways to provide the practical knowledge and skills for the safe and proficient navigation of our inland waterways.

Please complete our enquiry form if you are interested in a training course.

What is covered in the courses?

Boat Preparation

Manoeuvring the Craft

There may also be a charge for traveling depending on your location.

Please note that these courses are provided via our third party trainers who are all RYA registered and trained and located across the country.