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July 2017


Would just like to express our thanks to RCR for their assistance with our two recent breakdowns particularly Mark and John who attended our boat in the Wolverton/ Milton Keynes area.

The whole operation from the time we first made contact with the office, was very smooth and we were kept informed all along.


Many thanks

Mike and Lesley Laishley

N.B Cair Vie

July 2017

Dear All,

RCR’s response to our recent gearbox breakdown is a credit to all concerned.

The first response was within 45 minutes and the diagnosis naturally very quick.  The real deal for us was how the job was turned around within 48 hours, when the original estimate was several days.  To say that your team pulled out all the stops to get us to the RN Rally in Stourbridge is an understatement.

Please thank them all, they are stars!  I will certainly be banging the drum for you at Stourbridge.


Kevin & Trish



July 2017


I would like to thank you very much for your response to my call for help on Sunday last. I was attended by one of your engineers who was very kind to me having identified a novice’s mistake. It also justifies my confidence in your organisation to be available at short notice.

Thank you again.


June 2017

THIS IS A NOTE OF THANKS I volunteer for a charity called the Canal Boat Adventure Project, and our boat is a wide beam canal boat called ‘Ada’.  We had cause to call out one of your engineers last Thursday afternoon  when a large piece of twisted metal became lodged between the propeller and the bottom of the boat.

This is to note our Thanks and Appreciation for the prompt service we received.   The engineer was with us within half an hour of making the initial call.  He was polite, knowledgeable and efficient.   The object (which appeared to once have been an aluminium pan!) was eventually extracted, thankfully with no obvious damage to the boat, or propeller.

Thanks once again, it is good to know ‘you have got our back’.

Kim Fraser

30th April 2017

We thought you’d be interested in seeing the reason for the loss of forward or reverse that we suddenly experienced whilst entering a lock at Hyde. Despite the prop turning freely, applying full  revs in both forward and reverse, we couldn’t understand why we were standing still! That was until we opened the weed hatch to find this tyre had  conveniently decided to completely hook itself over our Axiom prop!

Our efforts to dislodge it were fruitless but, RCR to the rescue, and it was off in 3 minutes.


Geoff & Jane Wilson




May 2017

Thank you for a great service. I am sure this will be no surprise that your engineer Steve was professional, informative, friendly and of high integrity. I would have no hesitation recommending your company.


Mr Budd

April 2017


On the subject of my recent breakdown, i was dealt with by Abby and would like to say what a credit she is to your organisation. She was very helpful and kept me informed of how things were proceeding. In addition, the engineers Simon & Jimmy, were very good and even came by the boat to see if i needed any provisions – an action which was very much appreciated.


Mr F Jones

April 2017

Hi, Further to your engineers attendance to our breakdown on Thursday 13th April, i would just like to say what a prompt, professional and absolute superb service we received.

The engineers name was Kez. He showed more useful things on the engine than we ever were told in our almost non-existent handover during the purchasing process over three years ago.

Without him we would have been stuck – big time!

Very best wishes Mr Pearson.


November 2016

Hi there,


I’m just getting in touch to give you some feedback from my attendance to this course (sorry it’s taken a while!).

I thought the course was really great. I had no knowledge of engines, at all, and wanted to better understand the basics. I found the course extremely accessible and confidence building. I learnt a lot over the weekend and enjoyed being able to put the classroom learning into practice in the workshop. I attended the course on my own and as a women going into a traditionally male ‘thing’ it can sometimes be a bit difficult. I was made to feel very welcome and the tutors and the other attendees made the weekend very enjoyable. Yesterday I had engine trouble on my boat. I was able to diagnose the problem and today have replaced both alternator belts by myself based on what I’d learnt on the course. My engine’s up an running now. There’s no way I’d have even known what the problem was if I hadn’t attended this course.


Please pass on my thanks to the tutors.


Many thanks


August 2016


Hello RCR. I would like give some feedback following a callout on Monday

1 Aug 2016. After calling in the problem at 8.45am I was phoned back to say an engineer would be with me that day. Tom turned up a couple of hours later and diagnosed a knackered water pump. I was phoned later by a woman who orders spare parts. She has spotted an anomaly in the order

– the photo she had been sent didn’t match the engine she had been told to get parts for. She wanted to check that I did, indeed, have a Vetus

4.80 and not the 4.65 suggested by the serial number. Whatever, her encyclopedic knowledge prevented a wasted callout. Then Richard arrived the next day with the correct part and fitted it. Throughout, RCR kept me in the loop with phone calls to report progress, and completed the repair in excellent time and to a most professional manner. Frankly, I wouldn’t turn the key in the ignition unless I had your team on standby at the end of a phone. Thank you for making my boating experience stress-free. You are worth every penny. Best regards.

January 2016

January 2016

Your Engineer Kerry came out for my annual Inspection last Thursday. This is the second time he has done this. The first time being last year.

Wanted to express my thanks to him for the manner in which he conducted himself and the expertise he was able to impart to me- Once again i learnt a tremendous amount.

His first visit was the reason i chose to have a Gold membership as opposed to Silver, and no doubt will do the same upon renewal.

Please pass on my Thanks and best wishes to Him

Mr P McKay

December 2015

December 2015

Dear Ms Horton,

I would like to thank you for arranging the work to be done as promptly as possible on my boat, and compliment you on the high standards of workmanship of all three engineers who attended.

The work was done efficiently and all the engineers were polite, friendly and helpful and explained what the problem was in a clear way. The location suggested for doing the work, Redhill Marina, was also very helpful and accommodating and i would recommend their services.

Once again my thanks to you and all the team members involved.

Ms J Bonney

October 2015

October 2015

We Are writing to say thank you for all the help and support we have received this year.

We understand that as a company, you had a somewhat trying year in respect of the fire at your base and we too had a trying year, with various breakdowns on the boat.

We are out on our boat every weekend during the summer months and this year found ourselves many miles from familiar territory. Each time we had cause to call, you were friendly and professional and got us sorted out without a drama.

Please pass on our thanks to all your staff, from the telephone support to the engineers on the ground.

Mr R.A Martin & Mrs D.J Martin

September 2015

September 2015

We brought our first narrow boat Khaleesi in March, we were always going to move her to Droitwich as it’s easier to get to and from home, when preparing for the journey some 45 miles of 75 locks, we had no idea that she might let us down. Her being a nearly new hardly used boat. But being in insurance we took out a policy, as whom would we call if in trouble.

Well, as you know the gearbox gave up, you and your team were great. But i am writing to single out an exceptional man, In Sam!

In Sam you have a dedicated, Knowledgeable, talented young man, who helped and supported us through a very upsetting time. I could go on and on about Sam, but i would not do him justice. The qualities that he displayed are rarely seen in young people these days. You should be very proud to employ him. Talent like his will be picked up on.

With our very kind regards to your team.

Mr M Smith

September 2015

September 2015

Fantastic Service!

Early one Saturday morning a few months ago i pulled away from the towpath to start the clime at the Napton Flight.

As i started to pull into the first lock, i lost my forward gear. I then found i also lost reverse!! Not surprising, when i looked in the engine room, the gearbox had ‘fallen off’. In fact it had separated from the bell housing. Well i wasn’t going anywhere that morning.

I had Silver cover (in case a friend was on board and had trouble). I almost didn’t call them, not being a great believer in insurance etc. etc. But i did call them, i got through to a very helpful young lady, she promised an engineer would call within the hour. I put the kettle on (alternators were still working) and settled down to wait. Sure enough, the call came in. A little while later the engineer turned up.

He declared the gearbox had ‘fallen off’ and said they would replace it in a day or two. I was gobsmacked when he said it was probably covered by my silver membership! Sure enough a few days later the gearbox was replaced & next weekend we were under-way again.

So i’m very pleased & impressed with RCR and have upgraded my cover to Gold this month. £209 well spent i think.

Mr S Clegg

May 2014 – Maintanence Course

May 2014

So sorry we have not emailed you sooner to thank you for the great course. I was a bit worried that it would be too much for me and that the room would be filled with non amateurs, but how wrong I was.

Your teaching methods are brilliant and I have hopefully remembered most of the things you covered.

We went to our boat last weekend and despite the awful weather we managed to grab 3 hours sunshine to illuminate our engine bay. We did as you said and sat and looked at the engine, coffee in hand. This caused many ‘experts’ to give their opinions, although we did explain there was not a problem just maintenance.

I volunteered to climb down and get a closer look at where all the various parts are on our engine. All were obvious except the oil filter which is well hidden, but with some following of pipes etc I eventually found it.

We have not had time to order all of the parts we need but we have purchased a syphon pump, like yours which we used to pump out all of the water that was in the engine compartment. I gave the floor a good clean, also the engine so it is now dry and shiny. I also cleaned the impeller of the sump pump, made sure it was working well and re-positioned it.

I believe we both have the confidence to change the filters and the oil and be more confident with cut side ‘engineers’ who offer their advise. I am no longer ‘scared’ of the boat and would love to learn more.

Thanks again for your brilliant course, we will recommend it to all, I just wish we had taken it 3 years ago before we bought the boat.

Marian and Richard.

March 2014

March 2014

We have today had the one to one engine tuition and wanted you to know how useful this has been.

The guy who came was very knowledgeable and helpful and we would have no hesitation in recommending this service.

Many thanks

Mo and Roger Kennedy

January 2013

January 2013

I am sorry that I have not contacted you sooner — but I have to say that I am happy to report that the reason for that is is because I have been cruising on my boat and enjoying the unseasonable Spring-like weather since your ‘Super-hero’ Seb came and sorted out the problems on my narrowboat.

I have owned my narrowboat for almost 25 years, and although my ‘day-job’ as a photojournalist would not lead a ‘reasonable person’ to think I would have any engineering skills — I have maintained my narrowboat and my seagoing boats — including a “Fifie” lug rigged fishing boat with a Kelvin K3 engine for many years without any ‘professional’ help. I have changed engines on my narrowboat in the past and I was considering that when I called you … Seb came out and immediately diagnosed the problem — he ordered the part and came back and fitted it. Since then I have cruised through the Pewsey Vale back to my home mooring at Pewsey with no problem…. a brilliant service that really could not be bettered.

Incidentally… while my problem was being dealt with — the ‘entire universe’ …. by that I mean everybody who knows me — and with my long time on the K&A that is many — descended on us having learned that I broken down — and I actually needed to get a ‘man’ in to sort it out — well they all came and Seb ‘strutted his stuff’ he was brilliant with them — and if his easy-going professional answers to their quests for knowledge did not convince them to join — I am sure that my endorsement of your service will prompt flurry of applications from the K&A Canal….

Thank You
NB Annie
As someone who is quick to spread the word when I get bad service — I am also very eager to spread the word when I get good service — all of your team gave a bloody fantastic service — you can be sure and I will tell all my friends.