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Terms & Conditions

1. We will, at our absolute discretion, provide National breakdown assistance and recovery services to you within the territorial limits on the basis of these terms and conditions.

2. The services you can request depends upon your membership level, other services are available as pay on use. The services provided under your membership are provided at the absolute discretion of RCR and its authorised representatives.

3. Please note that:

3.1. You must retain your membership card and produce it during a callout if requested.

3.2. Both the application and full membership payment of the relevant fee’s for the membership must be received by RCR for the membership to commence. Once received, the membership will become active after 72 hours.

3.3. Retainer membership packages have the right to assistance services offered by RCR. Every attendance is charged at a flat rate of £65* per callout. The cost of recovery or crew relay is charged at an hourly rate.

3.4. The annual engine inspection is provided as part of the Gold membership and is also offered as a ‘pay on use’ service. The cost of this service is £100* if you do not hold a Gold membership.

3.5. If you require immediate cover (we admit you to membership straight away}, then you must pay an additional £150* fee (this fee is non-refundable) and apply at the minimum level of Silver membership. Initial callout is not covered by RPC as this starts after 30 days.

3.6. If you make more than 1 callout during a 24hr period and the callout is related to the initial problem, this will

be logged as a single attendance by us.

3.7. Your membership covers the cost of the callout and an engineer’s attendance for up to 2hrs to repair the problem, additional time can be allocated at the discretion of the attending engineer. Additional time is charged per half hour.

3.8. When a contractor attends on behalf of RCR and the fault is diagnosed as terminal or requires ‘extensive work’ (work that would need more than approximately 2 hours to complete), your membership will cover the callout charge and first hour of labour to cover the diagnosis. A private agreement between you and the contractor will then take over unless covered by RPC.

3.9. Outboards requiring in-depth investigation will be taken to an Outboard Specialist, a mileage charge will be made for Pick-up/ Drop-off service. The cost of repairs (unless covered by RPC) will be chargeable.

3.10. Parts delivery is subject to the discretion and availability of RCR staff or contractors. Courier service is chargeable.

3.11. There is no minimum callout time; however, we aim to assist within 4hrs. Please note that due to Health & Safety Regulations callouts are restricted to daylight hours unless it’s an emergency.

3.12. Recovery to marina must be within a maximum of 2hrs journey time and is dependent on the availability of RCR. There may be additional time required to get to you and this is not included under your RCR membership.

3.13. Crew relay is restricted to a maximum of 2 crew relays in any 1 year of membership.

3.14. We will not attend callouts if the vessel is on a tidal river. However, if the vessel is safely moored and accessible then an RCR engineer can attend if health and safety issues are satisfied. (RCR covers the tidal stretch of the River Trent from Newark to Keadby).

3.15. Should a Breakdown occur to parts covered under our RPC, the repair must be undertaken by RCR or one of their representatives; RCR may require that the repairer uses exchanged or reconditioned parts to affect a repair.

3.16. If a member exceeds the number of callouts or request services outside of that permitted by their membership level, we will charge £65* for each attendance.

3.17. We may charge you and restrict RPC if you call us out to repair the same or a similar fault with the vessel within 12 months of the previous callout, or where advised repairs have not been implemented.

3.18. A surcharge of £30* is applicable for callouts within the M25 ring, due to the additional costs of parking, congestion charges, emission charges etc. A charge may also apply for any city that is rolling out clean air charges.

3.19. Riverside help or recovery will only be provided if you or a member of your crew stay with the vessel until a rescue vehicle arrives

3.20. Generators, Genset and domestic systems connected to engine are not covered unless accepted in writing or where cover has been extended and charged.

4. We reserve the right to cancel applications for membership, limit cover or downgrade your membership if in our reasonable opinion, the vessel is in such a condition or position that:

• The health and safety of our staff or sub-contractors is endangered.

• The provision of service by us would require us to break the law.

• It would affect the service we could provide to our customers.

(Due to number of repairs required or the extent of the repairs required).

5. Abusive language or threats to our staff will result in calls being disconnected or engineers leaving site. We reserve the right to charge you for any parts fitted or any charge out cost in the event that a call has to be discontinued in this manner and membership may be restricted.

6. We reserve the right to use our discretion when faced with weather events, including (but not limited to) floods, snow, fog ,cyclones, hurricanes or other bad weather or sea conditions or where access to the vessel is limited.

7. We can refuse to supply services to members if you fail to pay any amount owing to us (i.e for the purchase of goods, services or work through Canal Contracting) ( Canal Contracting – offers all services outside of

RCR but is a ‘pay on use’ service}, Where we hold your card details; we reserve the right to recover any outstanding amounts using these if these remain unpaid for an unreasonable amount of time.

8. We reserve the right to change these terms and conditions and the service provided without notice

provided that such changes do not materially adversely affect the provision of your RCR cover.

9. If you are paying via subscription payments, the full outstanding value will become due should you miss more than 2 payment.

General Exclusions

1. You (and not us) will be responsible for the cost of:

1.1 Recovery of the vessel by road.

1.2. Any tolls payable for the transport of the vessel.

1.3. Taking crew to more than one address after any breakdown, if you insist on this.

1.4. Recovering the vessel and crew, if the vessel could have been repaired within a reasonable period of time at or near to the place of the breakdown.

1.5. Assistance in connection with any failure of domestic electrical systems, domestic appliances or plumbing on board the vessel.

1.6. Any services where repairs are required after an accident.

1.7. Any services provided by us but not covered by your membership. Where possible, the charges will be agreed with you prior to undertaking work.

1.8. Any parts, components or materials used to repair the vessel, unless covered by RPC.

1.9. Engineer’s attendance if the vessel breaks down at your home marina or within 1 mile of that, unless you have Home Start, or are happy to pay the £65* callout charge.

1.10. Any recovery charges apart from recovery to the nearest available marina or, if the vessel breaks down within 1 mile of your home marina, recovery to the home marina.

1.11. Any other repair, breakdown or recovery service you use not nominated by us.

1.12. The attendance cost of a locksmith-although we will assist in locating and organising.

1.13. Recovery when suffering severe damage to the rudder/skeg from hitting underwater obstacles, which results in the vessel requiring docking for repairs-although we will assist in locating and organising repairs through the RCR Incident Care Service.

1.14. Fouled propellers, where access cannot be gained or Health & Safety is compromised-although we will assist in locating and organising repairs through the RCR Incident Care Service.

1.15. Repairs to Bow thrusters-although we will assist in locating and organising repairs through the RCR Incident Care Service.

1.16. Taking on water or hull breach – although we will assist in locating and organising repairs through the RCR Incident Care Service.

1.17. Diver, cranage or slipway hire-although we will assist in locating and organising repairs through the RCR Incident Care Service.

2. We shall not be responsible for:

2.1. Loss of, or damage to, the vessel, its contents, or any valuables carried in the vessel.

2.2. Loss, damage or injury or any consequential or indirect loss sustained by you while the vessel is in our care.

2.3. Any damage to the vessel or otherwise suffered by you after we have recovered the vessel to the nearest available marina or to your home marina.

2.4. Any request for work under RPC notified later than 14 days from the fault occurring.

2.5. Request for replacement parts under RPC, where a vessel has suffered water ingress, fire, or the administrator believes were faulty prior to your membership.

2.6. Faults, alterations, repairs, loss, damage or liability covered by any other warranty, RPC, Insurance, guarantee or goodwill settlement.

2.7. Any request for RPC that falls within the scope of insurance that is held for the vessel or its mechanical parts whether or not the policy is in the members name.

2.8. Any request for RPC that is the result of:

(a} An accident to the vessel.

(b) Failure to repair a previously identified problem or fault.

(c) Use of the vessel for purposes of hire and reward, even though the vessel may be covered for breakdown recovery services.

2.9. Any welding or repairs where the use of heat is required although we will assist in locating and organising the repairs.

2.10. A Drive Plate failure within a year of replacement under RPC unless the internal splines are affected. (This is the only mechanical part that can fail that is not related to hitting an underwater obstacle).

2.11. Any consequence of war, invasion, the act of a foreign enemy, hostilities (whether declared or not), civil war. rebellion. revolution. military power. or strike or industrial action. or acts of God.

2.12. Any cost in attendance to your home mooring/marina.

General conditions

1. The information you have given to us is, as far as you know, correct and complete. (Any payment made under this membership will be based on the original information provided by you).

2. If you have failed to give us complete and accurate information or have failed to comply with all and/or any of your obligations set out in the terms and conditions. this could lead to assistance being denied or the membership being invalid.

3. This membership only applies to the member/s detailed on the application form and cannot be transferred to anyone else. unless specified or agreed in writing with RCR.

4. If a callout is made which you or anyone acting on your behalf knows is false. fraudulent or exaggerated, cover under this membership will end and no refund will be made.

5. You must take all reasonable steps to prevent a breakdown and your vessel must not be sailed in a dangerous condition or until all recommended repairs have been carried out.

6. You must keep your vessel properly maintained and serviced.

7. We may cancel this membership by sending a letter giving 7 days notice, by recorded delivery, to your last known address.

8. The vessel must have current valid insurance cover.

9. The vessel must have a current Boat Safety Certificate.

10. The vessel, (where applicable), must have a current registration and be licensed with either The Canal and River Trust, the Environment Agency or other licensing body.

*Prices are subject to change