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Replacement Parts

Now after you’ve broken down we can pick up the repair bill.

This cover takes effect 30 days after your membership becomes active. RPC protects you against the cost of the failure of a Specified Part and labour following sudden and unforeseen mechanical breakdown, up to the Limits stated as long as the specified part is accessible. Gold membership only covers the registered vessel.

  • Starter Motor
  • Starter Alternator
  • Water Pump (engine only)
  • Injection & Lift Pump
  • Gearbox & Drive Plate
  • Couplings (including aquadrive/python drive)
  • Hydraulic Pipes
  • Engine Mounts
  • Remote Mechanical Steering and Hydraulic Controls (pumps, ramps, morse)
  • Fuel Injection Pump (excluding injectors)
  • IC Igniter/CDI Unit (outboard)
  • Carburetor (outboard and petrol)


    Outboards are covered for replacement of the applicable components listed above. Where an outboard is not repairable the following applies:


  • Outboard up to 10 years old: £1000 towards replacement
  • Outboard older than 10 years: £500 towards replacement


  • Up to £1,000 per claim
  • Maximum of £2,000 for any one member in any one year
  • Members pay the first £50 of each claim
  • Number of claims limited to 4 per member in any one membership year
  1. Wear and tear of Specified Parts which has not resulted in complete failure
  2. Bolts, brackets and welding that attach the Specified Part
  3. Lack of oil in the gearbox due to poor maintenance
  4. Outboards & outdrives which are not serviced annually (evidence required when making claim)
  5. Any part not listed
  6. Costs to get access to part (i.e. dismantling / removal of engine).
  7. Consumables such as cables, filters, rubber components and the like that require routine wear and tear replacement
  8. All warranty’s on parts supplied are provided by the manufacturer, refurbished or supplier.
  9. Fuel contamination (such as diesel bug or water in fuel) leading to failure of part.
  10. Water ingress leading to failure of part.
    – All warranty’s on parts supplied are provided by the manufacturer, refurbished or supplier.