Each level of membership offers different additional services. Please use the ‘Help Me Decide’ questions if you’re not sure of which level will suit your needs.

  • Retainer


  • Gold


  • Silver


  • Bronze


Registers the user and boat as a member

Registers the boat as the Member, and therefore all users of the vessel are covered – entitles you to same level of service and priority but ‘pay on use’.

Breakdown Service:- A suitably qualified mechanic will attend your Breakdown and rectify the problem where possible, so that you can continue your voyage.

Recovery Service:- If the Vessel cannot be repaired at the scene of the Breakdown, we will tow the Vessel safely to a  Marina or safe haven (within a maximum of 2 hours cruising). *excludes towing on tidal estuaries and rivers.

  • Breakdown and assistance charged at a flat rate of £50 per callout.
  • Recovery is charged at £50 per hour.
  • No Replacement Parts Cover.(can be purchased as an option £60)

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If we can't fix your vessel we will take you to the nearest marina or safe house. Do you want cover that returns you and your crew to your home address or marina? (excluding the vessel).

If you break down at your home marina or registered moorings, do you want us to attend?

Would you like your family / friends to be covered.

Do you want parts replacement and labour covered?